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Let's build the tech solutions of the future of healthcare

We are Sunshineoxygen, a healthtech company focused on the new reality of healthcare ecosystems.

We reinvent ourselves every day in a highly qualified sector, standing out for providing real value with Digital Therapeutics (DTx) and Software as a Service (SaaS).

Health is not about data, it is about us: the patients!


How can we help you?


We launch our own portfolio of healthtech disruptive products and solutions to cover main healthcare unmet needs. With a main focus on the humanization of the patient.


We aim to capacitate by sharing our own methodology, tools and code on behalf of the progress of the new healthcare ecosystems. With in-company and online, free and premium services. Empowering the new highly skilled profiles, that the new digital healthcare environment is popping up. With a main focus on recycling healthtech know-how.


We are positioned in the new 2020s disruptive healthcare environment and committed to the consolidation of the new healthcare model. We work building synergies and bridges of collaboration through Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) and vehiculized by technology. With a main focus in healhcare democratization through data.


A new disruptive healthtech model

Because in a changing environment we stand out for our ability to
adapt and search for ad-hoc solutions.


We are patient-centered. Thus, we build Patient Support Programs and strategies beyond-the-pill. Facilitating the adoption curve of patient-friendly new methodology and solutions respecting his life-style.


We work in building up the patient of the future. Thus, we are providers of solutions around different patient communities. We are committed to empower the patient to the management of his own health condition.

Medical Devices & SaMD

We are committed to the in-home provision of care and services towards a no-patient-left-behind focus. Thus, we build the new citizens healthcare standards through bridging the new reality of the Internet of Medical Things IoMT. Fitting our solutions into the frameworks of new Smart Cities, Smart Hospitals and Smart Homes of the future.

We aim to set up the new standard-of-care

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Experience together with constant self-improvement are vital points to develop the new business strategies of the future, we are co-creators of new realities and launchers of highly efficient methodology to undertake and reinvent the status quo of the health sector.

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