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We are Sunshineoxygen an international healthtech with headquarters in Spain.

We are focused on the humanization of the patient and the sustainability of healthcare ecosystems. 

We launch health technology that contribute to Sustainable Development Goals 2030.


How can we help you?


We launch healthtech products technically and clinically validated.


Take a look at our Healthtech Institute Platform with free tools and courses for clinicians, managers and technicians interested in healthtech.


We mentor and drive healthtech products and companies (SMEs, startups, scaleups and multinationals) that want to consolidate their position in the healthcare ecosystem.


We do count on a deep expertise in the healthcare and healthtech ecosystems.

With a solid professional background and a deep expertise in healthcare and healthtech ecosystems. Counting on a highly talented and performance team coming from clinical, technical and managerial backgrounds all sharing the same vision of (1) enabling healthcare sustainability, (2) permitting a universal access to high standards of healthcare,  and (3) contributing to the humanization of the patient


We launch healthtech products and services to empower the patient to understand and manage his/her own healthcare conditions respecting his/her lifestyle standards.


We drive progress of healthcare moving from an obsolete vertical model towards a circular model. Thus our technologies ere focused on improving, maintaining and restoring health, while minimizing negative impacts on the environment and leveraging opportunities to restore and improve it, to the benefit of the health and well-being of current and future generations.


We conceptualize and launch Digital Therapeutics and Software as a Service to help to bridge the shift from in-hospital to in-home care. We are committed to the in-home provision of care and services towards a no-patient-left-behind focus. Thus, we build the new citizens healthcare standards through bridging the new reality of the Internet of Medical Things IoMT. Fitting our solutions into the frameworks of new Smart Hospitals, Smart Cities, and Smart Homes of the future.

We aim to set up the new standard-of-care

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We are co-creators of new realities and launchers of highly efficient and safe healthtech to undertake and reinvent the status quo of the healthcare sector towards a more sustainable model.

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