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A patient support program for psychiatrists and patients diagnosed from Major Depression


A facial Recognition Mood patient support program vehiculized by AI

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weRmirrors App Is for Doctors & Their Patients To Share Patient’s Daily Moods With Doctor With Morning/Afternoon Recognition With Doctor & PHQ-9 Test for Patient.

Patients Daily Moods

In weRmirrors mobile application patients can share their daily mood with the doctors with voice recording feature and for doctors they can check thiers patients mood daily.

Daily Recognition Test

In weRmirrors there are daily recognition tests one in the morning and second in the evening so the doctors and patients can share and check their history.

PHQ-9 Test For Patient

Through weRmirrors mobile application patients can do PHQ-9 Test and doctors can see theirs patients PHQ-9 Test results.

Medication History

Doctors can track their patients daily mood with medication. Doctors can add treatment / medication and track patient's activities.


weRmirrors is a product of Sunshineoxygen to help Doctors to an additional daily followup of your patients. & Patients to track their mood state daily follow up, and share it with their doctor.