Guide to prepare your healthtech Plan for 2022

Silvia Micalo

About This Course

Learn how to quickly master a healthtech Business Plan to achieve all your strategic objectives

Sunshineoxygen has created this guide to help you to prepare your healthtech Business Plan for 2022, and achieve all your objectives.

With this template you will be able to identify the key leverage points, design a good strategy and a proper action plan to achieve your goals.

Bear in mind that strategy also has to do with deciding what not to do.

What tools will you get?

  • 8 strategic points to be covered in 53 Slide deck to help you to elaborate your 2022-2025 Healthtech Plan. A template, to help you to build the strategy of your healthtech and according to your action plan.

It is a maximum slide deck proposal. We suggest filling in all the slides, thus feel free to select those slides that fit the most for your case and just get rid of the ones that you consider.

  • Excel File, is an excel spreadsheet template to help you to calendarize the actions contained in the healthtech tactical Plan. It aims to help you to design the tactical or operative plan of your healthtech in the next 3 or 6 months, 1 year or 3 years timeframe. It is important to classify the actions by colored subcategories as shown in the template. Feel free to make the template your own. 

What is the guide to prepare your healthtech plan?

Your healthtech Plan is essential when it comes to planning the strategic lines for the near (3 or 6 months) and long term future (1 to 3 years)

To succeed in the healthtech field it is important to have a valuable healthtech product or service, and as important as that is the business strategy that is behind in order to keep the boat floating and and steer the steering wheel in the right direction.

Defining a Strategic healthtech Plan is the first step towards success.

What is the slide deck tool for?

An easy tool to help you put order in how to achieve your healthtech goals through the design of your strategies and action plan.

This 53 slides deck template offers you the possibility to have a strategically ordered slide deck to fill in the gaps, with the key insights of a healthtech business plan.

Focused on healthtech core business the template will guide you along the slide deck providing you annotations and guidance of how to create an excellent healthtech plan and through achieving the strategic objectives you plan to get. 

The overall plan will help you to design the strategies that will help you to set up your place-to-be in the ecosystem and succeed.

What is the excel file tool for?

The excel file will help you to create and calendarize the action plan associated with your healthtech plan for the upcoming months, year and years.

You can use the tool to plan and classify the activities that will help you to reach your strategic goals.

You can screenshot the last version of the calendarization of your action plan and include the image in the corresponding slide in the main healthtech Plan slide deck.

Learning Objectives

Defining a Strategic healthtech Plan is the first step towards success. With this guide tool you will be able to do-it-yourself.


  • Download the healthtech plan template pack of tools and start doing it yourself customizing every slide following the tips and guidelines included in each template. Take the slides that you consider that fit your helalthtech concept and delete the ones that you do not need or because of the phase of the healthtech maturity they maybe do not apply. Customize the excel template action plan and fill the corresponding slide in the slide deck with the needed information.
  • Feel free to contact us if you have any doubts about the available tools in filling in the contact questionnaire and we will answer you as soon as possible. You can also send us your feedback about the available tools, we will be glad to receive it.

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Material Includes

  • Downloading this tool pack you will get:
  • 1) Master Slide deck with a customizable template of a healthtech business plan containing notes and guidelines.
  • 2) An excel file with a customizable action or tactical plan for the period 2022-2025.