Video Capsules

2.Let’s conceptualize the healthtech ecosystem02:39
3.Let’s maximize our healthtech value.03:43
4.Let’s build our healthtech community.02:14
5.Let’s forecast the healthtech business strategies.00:56
6.Let’s put focus on the Why00:51
7. Let’s define our position in the healthtech ecosystem.00:47
8. Let’s speak about the trends of the new 2020s.00:48
9.Let’s define our target patient profile.00:42
10.Let’s deep dive under the KPIs surface02:02
11. Let’s optimize our Social Media SoMe Channels.01:32
12. Let’s build a sense of community.01:20
13. Let’s keep in mind the Healthcare Professional.00:42
14. Let’s build credibility through Evidence Based Medicine.00:46
15. Let’s set the basis of the new healthtech ecosystems of the future.00:53
1.Let’s Kick off!

A screenshot of the current status of healthtech with a screenshot of a global overview of the situation and trends

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