Healthtech Ecosystem Video Capsules

Silvia Micalo

About This Course

The healthtech and healthcare environments are changing.

Defining a good strategy, though, and keeping it alive along with the transformational ecosystem changes is essential. 

Today, keeping your healthtech business plan constantly updated is a must.

We do need to constantly fill it up with value. 

And it is essential to succeed in the healthtech sector and to be able to deal with the changes in the healthcare environment.

What are you going to find in the healthtech ecosystem video capsules?

You are going to get easy insights of the current healthtech ecosystem.

Through video capsules from 1 to 5 minutes of duration maximum, you will easily get some key business insights. Some of the new key business strategies and methodologies that are up-to-date in healthtech.

Our Sunshineoxygen team invites you to see the vanguard short video capsules. They embrace different key subjects around the new essentiality’s of the healthtech businesses of today. 

We hope they can provide some information that can be useful for you and push  your business towards the next milestone.

You will get few tips on how strategic synergies, and bridges of collaboration between key stakeholders are important in order to bring value to the healthtech ecosystem.

Yet we are open to your suggestions for new videos and new information that could be useful for you and your business around healthcare, let us know how to improve. Send us your suggestions! 

Let’s deep dive into the Healthtech Ecosystem

Learning Objectives

Sunshineoxygen invites you to this ecosystem overview. In this course you will get 15 video capsules of less than 5 min. duration, that will provide you with an updated vision of the healthtech sector and its peculiarities.


  • You can see all of them or choose the ones you consider that will provide you the tips and knowledge that you are looking for.


15 Lessons25m

Video Capsules

1.Let’s Kick off!00:1:13Preview
2.Let’s conceptualize the healthtech ecosystem00:02:39
3.Let’s maximize our healthtech value.00:03:43
4.Let’s build our healthtech community.00:02:14
5.Let’s forecast the healthtech business strategies.00:00:56
6.Let’s put focus on the Why00:00:51
7. Let’s define our position in the healthtech ecosystem.00:00:47
8. Let’s speak about the trends of the new 2020s.00:00:48
9.Let’s define our target patient profile.00:00:42
10.Let’s deep dive under the KPIs surface00:02:02
11. Let’s optimize our Social Media SoMe Channels.00:01:32
12. Let’s build a sense of community.00:01:20
13. Let’s keep in mind the Healthcare Professional.00:00:42
14. Let’s build credibility through Evidence Based Medicine.00:00:46
15. Let’s set the basis of the new healthtech ecosystems of the future.00:00:53

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Duration 25 minutes
15 lectures

Material Includes

  • Video Capsule 1 (duration 1 min. 13 sec.): Let’s Kick off!
  • A screenshot of the current status of healthtech with a screenshot of a global overview of the situation and trends.
  • Video Capsule 2 (duration 4 min. 39 sec.): Let’s conceptualize the healthtech ecosystem
  • A healthtech ecosystem conceptualization approach, how to bring value. The new digital natural selection. How to build up our healthtech marketing plans, basing them on a full ecosystem basis? How to set up the right place-to-be. How versatility becomes the new must. How to co-work with me toos in order to become stronger. How the partnerships and win-win alliances with all the healthcare stakeholders are key. Onboarding key stakeholders in our healthtech business purpose.
  • Video Capsule 3 (3 min. 43 sec.): Let’s maximize our healthtech value.
  • It is all about maximizing value. How to maximize the value matrix of our healthtech? Our healthtech is the pill and we have all the strategies beyond the pill, all the synergies with our key stakeholders that will keep us sustained over the time. Through building this we will become sustainable. Define what is your Unique Selling Proposition. The new value are healthcare outcomes.
  • Video Capsule 4 (duration 2min. 14 sec.): Let’s build our healthtech community.
  • We grow by building synergies and onboarding our key stakeholders through a community. The impact of Covid19 has increased the sense of urgency along with our healthtech solutions. The importance of doing more with less. Where do you prioritize your technology investments? We are going into a new avatar patient model. A new in-home hospital approach is the new trend.
  • Video Capsule 5 (duration 0 min. 56 sec.): Let’s forecast the healthtech business strategies.
  • Cristal bowling health tech marketing. From prevention to patient empowerment. From Patient Support Programs (PSP) to digital holistic health. From treatment to early diagnosis.
  • Video Capsule 6 (duration 0 min. 51 sec.): Let’s put focus on the Why
  • The importance of the sense of purpose. The "Why". We are serving the key stakeholders of the pathology ecosystem.
  • Video Capsule 7 (duration 0 min. 47 sec.): Let’s define our position in the healthtech ecosystem.
  • Bear in mind the importance of competitive differentiation in order to set up the place-to-be inside the ecosystem. The positioning within the ecosystem and the network of bridges along all the key stakeholders around the ecosystem. This will permit you to keep a sustained growth over the time.
  • Video Capsule 8 (duration 0 min. 48 sec.): Let’s speak about the trends of the new 2020s.
  • All conveyed onto humanizing the patient. Top healthtech marketing trends of the new 20s.
  • Video Capsule 9 (duration 0 min. 42 sec.). Let’s define our target patient profile.
  • Patient-Generated-Content (PGC) and Patient-Generated-Health-Data (PGHD). We have more than ever data that permits us to really create the patient profile that is beloved for the marketeers. Patients provide the information because they will.
  • Video Capsule 10 (duration 2 min. 02 sec.). Let’s deep dive under the KPIs surface.
  • Versatile marketing strategies more than ever. Deep dive onto KPIs definition. Market Research mind-set. Short time-framed roadmap and keep it alive. Build from drivers of growth based on your historicity. Budget optimization, doing more with less. Aligning our marketing, business and tactical plans, every action needs to be in line with the core business goals of our health techs.
  • Video Capsule 11 (duration 1 min. 32 sec.). Let’s optimize our Social Media SoMe Channels.
  • SoMe as a healthtech must in order to create this community of believers. Optimization of the SoMe channels is important. Qualitative KPIs settling more than quantitative KPIs.
  • Video Capsule 12 (duration 1 min. 20 sec.). Let’s build a sense of community.
  • How do we build a sense of community? Insights led to engagement. Personalized messaging strategies. Mapping of stakeholders. A crowd-learning new concept. etraining. Build your network of ambassadors. The importance of the who-is-who in the ecosystem you are building, within the brand and the healthtech solutions.
  • Video Capsule 13 (duration 0 min. 42 sec.): Let’s keep in mind the Healthcare Professional.
  • We shall never forget the healthcare professional. They are also the ambassadors of our health techs and the reference contact of our patients, also the caretakers. They need to be onboard though. Capacitate them in understanding and managing our healthtech Saas, and technological healthcare products.
  • Video Capsule 14 (duration 0 min. 46 sec.): Let’s build credibility through Evidence Based Medicine.
  • Build trustworthy credibility. Evidence-Based-Medicine. In other words Real World Evidence is essential. True results based on real health outcomes. Cowork with Centres of Excellence.
  • Video Capsule 15 (duration 0 min. 53 sec. ). Let’s set the basis of the new healthtech ecosystems of the future.
  • We are the game-changers. Have in mind that we are now in a world of a Digital Darwinism Era. We are setting up the new basis of the new healthtech ecosystems of the future. Pathology digital hubs and clusters of co-marketing as the new future approach.