Speedometer: Healthtech Self-Auditory Tool

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About This Course

Speedometer is a guide to do a mini audit of your healthtech on your own.

Please, download our healthtech self-auditory tool, and analyse the health of your healthtech in only 10 minutes.

Sunshineoxygen provides a free tool so that you can self-perform an auditory easily by answering the Sunshineoxygen questionnaire template, getting your score and reading the speedometer analysis results.

You will then be able to understand where you are in the digital health journey of your healthtech company or project.


What is the Speedometer: Healthtech Self-Auditory Tool?

The Speedometer: Healthtech Self-Auditory tool is an excel file containing a yes /no multiple choice questionnaire that will automatically define your healthtech status.

You will only need to fill in the gaps and the tool will automatically come up with a health status result in between 0 and 1. Being 0 the lowest score and 1 the highest.

At the same time, the Audit Test Results Analysis pdf file, will provide a more detailed results analysis and suggest to you which areas in your business need to be prioritized and improved depending on the score you took in the questionnaire.

What you will get from the Healthtech Self-Auditory Tool?

As you answer the questionnaire, the questions might make you  think and reflect on what areas for improvement you should consider.

It is possible that even before obtaining the test results you have already obtained a mental score, or even better a self-diagnosis of which business cases you should solve in the healthtech company or healthtech department that you lead or are a team member.

Nevertheless, once the questionnaire is finished you will get the Speedometer final score with the associated reading, with a detailed suggestion of areas of improvement.

This Tool will help you to:

  • Be able to implement an instantaneous self-audit, obtaining a health score of your company or department.
  • Easily understand what are the main strengths that you need to expand and the main weaknesses you need to try to minimize.
  • Find out what opportunities you are not considering and you should as long as which barriers can constitute a real challenge in your near future and you need to be prepared for them.

Besides, this tool can be considered from the position of your health tech career development, from the healthtech global overview you have decided to be onboard with no matter if it’s yours or you have a shared purpose with it and finally can be considered from the perspective of the management of the department you are leading or being responsible for.

Learning Objectives

You will get an instantaneous self audit score that will bring you a self- diagnosis of your healthech. You can share it or keep it for yourself.
Besides it will definitely allow you to obtain a screenshot of the state of health of your company or department and consequently also develop strategies to take advantage of the strong points and minimize the weak points.

Material Includes

  • This tool includes an excel file with the test questionnaire that you need to answer, and a results analysis pdf file where you can reflect about your healthtech audit score and strategic key points to consider.


  • Fill in the questionnaire in detail by displaying the window in the marked boxes and enter the data where necessary.
  • Write down the score obtained and read the speedometer result and its suggestions.
  • You can share the results obtained with your team, it can be a great exercise for a brainstorming session or to reflect before preparing the next business, strategic or action plan.

Target Audience

  • It is ideal if you are a healthtech entrepreneur, an operations director, a Software engineer or product designer, an Information technology analyst, a developer, a healthtech manager or professional.
  • In all  these cases, we suggest you to consider defining a tactical plan from your current position that can revert the healthtech operations business gaps, either that you have self-diagnosed along with answering the questionnaire or the questionnaire has provided to you in the results analysis. 

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Duration 20 minutes

Material Includes

  • This tool includes an excel file with the test questionnaire that you need to answer, and a results analysis pdf file where you can reflect about your healthtech audit score and strategic key points to consider.

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