An open community of patients, healthcare professionals, caretakers and caregivers. On weRpatients you can share and openly discuss about preferred illnesses keeping your confidential identity through a nickname and avatar.

Share photos and videos, send messages and get updates. Now, keeping up with patients like you is faster and easier than ever. Here you can meet patients like you, and share your interests.

weRpatients is a place to meet new patients. Whether you are looking to meet patients like you, caretakers or caregivers like you, or just want to chat with a healthcare professional.

weRpatients is born with a single purpose to empower the patients of the future. To capacitance them to understand their health conditions to be able to decide from a position of knowledge.

We offer a free universal open access opportunity for every patient, no matter where they come from or their wealth status.

weRpatients is a product of Sunshineoxygen, a new health tech concept committed with the progress of healthcare vehicular by technology and focused on the humanisation of the patient.