Are you considering a Public-Private Partnership (PPPs)?

Silvia Micalo

About This Course


Download now the PPPs resources & templates pack to start building yourself PPPs collaboration bridgesThese resources can help you to start conceptualizing PPPs in between your healthtech and the public healthcare services.

Doing it yourself is the new trend.

Sunshineoxygen, gives you the opportunity to download a 3 template win-win agreement and risk sharing agreement template so that you can build a PPPs agreement yourself.

  • Win-Win-Win Agreement Template (applicable for E.U. and U.S.)
  • Risk Sharing Agreement Template (applicable for U.S.).
  • Risk Sharing Agreement Template (applicable for E.U.).

Why download this PPPs 3 template pack?

Purchasing this premium service pack you will get a pack of PPPs resources & template.

  • 3 customizable win-win agreement templates for your healthtech.
  • It contains a guide of how public-private partnership (PPP) agreements work (About PPPs).
  • Checklists to help you build a PPPs.
  • PPPs Phases Tool, describing the phases and requirements of each phase.
  • PPPs infographic flow Tool, to be able to set up an adaptable for each situation agreement.

Learning Objectives

Covering unmet needs of our customers and stakeholders is not easy. With this tool you will be able to repare yourself for a first optimized and aligned proposal to build up a strong public-private partnership (PPP) with your key healthtech stakeholders.
You will be able to align your value proposal with the unmet needs of the other party that you want to establish a collaboration with on behalf of healthcare progress.


  • Do-it-yourself. Download the pack of contents. Take a first look at the training tools and after read carefully the 3 customizable agreement templates for your healthtech. Select the template that fits the most for your case and your allocation (EU or EEUU).
  • Please, feel free to contact us if you need more information or you want to send us your feedback filling in the questionnaire "contact us" form in our website

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Duration 59 minutes

Material Includes

  • With this pack of tools you will be able to download:
  • - 3 customizable legal agreement/contract templates customizable for your healthtech
  • - A summary of how risk sharing and win-win-win agreements work (see About PPPs).
  • - A checklist of requirements to build PPPs.
  • - PPPs phases tool, describing the phases to go from conceptualization to formalization, and requirements to succeed in each phase.
  • - PPPs infographic flow tool, to be able to set up an adaptable for each situation agreement