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Healthtech Fundamentals_Healthtech Updates 1

1 Lesson
35 minutes
All Levels

In this first Healthtech Updates Webinar. In this first webinar …

What you'll learn
You will learn about the 5 key healthtech fundamentals.
You will deep dive into each one of the Healthtech Fundamentals.
You will get key take home messages from the webinar.

Healthtech Sustainability_Healthtech Updates Nº2

30 minutes
All Levels

In this webinar we will overview the concept of sustainability. …

What you'll learn
You will learn about 14 new concepts around Sustainability.
You will learn how to implement this key concepts in your day-a-day in healthtech.
You will learn why healthtech circularity is possible.
You will take home the musts to build your healthtech products and services around sustainability.

Are you considering a Public-Private Partnership (PPPs)?

59 minutes

  Download now the PPPs resources & templates pack to …

What you'll learn
Covering unmet needs of our customers and stakeholders is not easy. With this tool you will be able to repare yourself for a first optimized and aligned proposal to build up a strong public-private partnership (PPP) with your key healthtech stakeholders.
You will be able to align your value proposal with the unmet needs of the other party that you want to establish a collaboration with on behalf of healthcare progress.