Healthtech Sustainability_Healthtech Updates Nº2

Silvia Micalo
Last Update July 7, 2022
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About This Course

In this webinar we will overview the concept of sustainability.

We will discuss its viability in new health ecosystems.

And we will put action on the “how-to” implement it on our technology products and within our healthtech companies.

As it is our responsibility to build sustainable pillars for new healthcare ecosystems.

In the webinar we will see together the way to do so.

Learning Objectives

You will learn about 14 new concepts around Sustainability.
You will learn how to implement this key concepts in your day-a-day in healthtech.
You will learn why healthtech circularity is possible.
You will take home the musts to build your healthtech products and services around sustainability.

Material Includes

  • Webinar Recording.
  • Slide Deck.

Target Audience

  • To all those healthtech disruptor minds:
  • Healthtech technical professional backgrounds
  • Healthtech business professional backgrounds
  • healthtech clinic professional backgrounds

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Duration 30 minutes

Material Includes

  • Webinar Recording.
  • Slide Deck.

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